Kartra Review

Kartra Review

Businesses are fast recognizing the need to implement e-commerce measures, and most product consumers think this is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread. In contemporary times, businesses with minimal or no online presence are increasingly at dire risk of losing their revenues. This means that if you would get impressive traction for your business, then selling and/or marketing your products (or company) online should be one of the options you’re willing to explore.

However, building an online market that works is not just about having an online store- like every other person does. It primarily requires having the right methods and tools to implement and run it effectively. For online businesses to thrive and hit their desired marketing and sales goals, sales funnel builder and marketing tools platforms like Kartra™ are now considered essential partners in the game. You can significantly revamp or improve your online reach and sales by simply utilizing the services and tools that these companies provide.

Kartra Review

Over the years, Kartra has helped businesses scale up their online marketing and sales tools’ sophistication, and consequently, consumer/lead reach and sales. While Kartra continues to understand and conform to consumer dynamics, it has also done remarkably well in a business space with competitors like ClickFunnel and GroovePages.

What are the Kartra product offerings?

Kartra Review

The Kartra company’s overall product portfolio consists of ingenious tools that make up a complete package for the online salesperson. Hence, you may not even need to experience the big tech guys who manage the biggest e-commerce stores like Walmart and Amazon.

When you sign up to use Kartra, you gain access to eleven online sales and marketing tools. Each of the tools complements the other in some way so that you have everything you need to get your online platform up and running well.

The Kartra sales funnel building company’s range of online business marketing and sales tools are:

  • Kartra Pages™ (Website Page Builder)

The platform’s website page builder- Kartra Pages, helps you create a great website for your business in no time. This tool comes in handy for users who do not have the technical know-how on how to build a top-notch website- from the ground up. Hence, you can use this tool to create your business homepage, the product launch pages, a landing page, upsells and down-sell pages, a user checkout page, etcetera. 

Note that the page builder comes with over a hundred templates to choose from and website performance setting tools like those for split testing, mobile phone optimization, heatmap tool, interactive webpage enhancements, etc.

  • Kartra Leads (Lead Management System)

Kartra Lead is another exciting tool that users enjoy upon subscription. This leads management system can reasonably lower your customer acquisition and retention costs while continuously providing you with valuable insights that could help you scale up your businesses. For instance, it allows you to see your website’s leads’ tendencies and consumer behaviors. These may include what products they are buying, what updates they have subscribed to, what article section they love to read, etc. These behaviors help you determine what your next line of action should be so that they can keep coming and buying from your stores.

  • Kartra Checkouts (Checkout Page/Shopping Cart)

The checkout page and shopping cart are part of your overall store’s last aspects that a customer would probably get to before they leave. Now, while a potential customer can stay all through the other pages, they could still leave at the checkout pages- if it doesn’t create the necessary effect that makes them finally click the buy button.

Kartra recognizes how important this is; hence, it provides multiple template options for your shopping cart. Kartra Checkouts provides several checkout page templates that support various payment options, coupon/discount codes, automated tax calculations, and a few more features.

  • Kartra Mail (Emailing Service Module)

You don’t want to leave your customers and leads for a long time without communicating with them. With periodic emails, you can effectively engage them so that they are happily stuck with you.

Kartra Mail allows you to reach out to your customers effectively and leads without stressing you out in the process. It works on automation, so you can easily set the emails to go out at your specified dates and time. Asides from that, the platform also provides you with a series of email templates so that your emails are not boring or stereotyped. As with most other tools in the Kartra package, the email service module also has some advanced tool that makes it efficient and easy to use.

  • Kartra Forms (Opt-In Form Builder)

When people visit your website- especially for the first time, you want to be able to collect the most basic information that could allow you to reach them subsequently. In digital marketing, you may create an offer and ask them to sign up to receive the offer. Usually, websites ask for email addresses, and sometimes their names and phone numbers.

Kartra Forms- the opt-in form builder is user friendly and captivating enough to make people sign up. However, when using the opt-in forms, remember to meet the EU requirements, requiring you to be GDPR-compliant.

  • Kartra API and IPN (Business Integration Module)

The Kartra API and IPN tools allow you to integrate with other important service providers that are important for your business’s smooth running. For instance, you can easily integrate with payment processor companies like PayPal, Braintree, Swipe, or with email and SMS gateways like MailGun, Twilio, Postmark, etc.

The tool connects seamlessly, and you can successfully run the whole setup in relatively less time- with no coding skills required. However, if you need to do the coding yourself, Kartra API and IPN module provide an excellent framework to help you fast track the process.

  • Kartra Affiliate Management (Affiliate Management Center)

As an all-rounded online business development framework, Kartra also provides you with an affiliate management center where you can organize and run a network of marketers for your company or product. You can list your marketers in this section and easily take note of their activities.

An important difference in the type of marketing affiliate run here is that affiliate marketers are paid only upon completing sales. This makes the framework significantly cost-effective for business owners.

  • Kartra Videos (Video Hosting Tool)

Most online marketers understand how important videos are in digital marketing. With Kartra Videos, users can easily host video advert materials on their landing pages and in an alluring, professional style. With this, you can easily add up CTA buttons to the videos and other behavioral inclined automation features.

Some of Kartra’s Videos’ captivating sub-tools include a customizable video player, a lead tagging feature, and insightful analytics that informs you of the average time most people stayed watching the videos.

  • Kartra Agency (Client Account Management Console)

This tool is for businesses that have to run and manage several accounts belonging to various clients. If you provide a service that requires your clients to register and operate the accounts from your website, Kartra Agency can help you monitor and see the important updates on each of the accounts.

Kartra Agency is an essential tool because it facilitates necessary activities like report generation for individual accounts, secure master logins, account troubleshooting, etc.

  • Kartra Funnels and Campaigns (Marketing Campaign Modules)

This is one of the features people love the most on Kartra. It is another Kartra tool that can almost work on complete automation. The marketing campaign modules help you sequentially fulfill various marketing strategies. This may consist of everything from advanced sales funnel setups to opt-in, upsells and down-sell, checkouts, etc.

With Kartra Funnels and Campaigns, all you need to do is set the rules, define the steps for the marketing process, and watch the module implement it step by step. Note that although there are ready-made templates for users in this package, you can still develop a customized template.

  • Kartra Memberships (Membership Building and Monitoring Center)

If your business is the type that requires you to create a community for your customers and prospects- where you share tips and information for a fee, then the Kartra Membership tool would be of significant benefit.

In the community, every participant would be able to access the general information that you share while easily renewing or upgrading their subscriptions. Note that this Kartra tool is specific for some business type, and you may not necessarily need it as much.

  • Kartra Calendars (Scheduling and Reminder Tool)

Kartra Calendars is ideal for businesses that need to schedule appointments with customers/clients at one stage or the other. This digital calendar takes off the stress of manual scheduling and bookings, which comes with mistakes and errors such as double booking or omitted booking of client sessions.

Note that you can also schedule this tool to send out reminders for meetings while allowing others to see your availability- based on the schedule inputs you have on the calendar.

  • Kartra Marketplace (Service Outsourcing Arena)

Kartra Marketplace is an interesting place to outsource skilled professionals who you can contract for various services. The section hosts loads of marketers with ingenious marketing products that your business can leverage on.

Additionally, you may also sell your online marketing ideas to the pool of users who would be interested. This service outsourcing tool provides some advantages that you wouldn’t find on most competitor service providers.

  • Kartra Helpdesks (Customer Support Service Tool)

This tool enables website owners to create and organize effective support for their customers/clients. There’s quite a lot that you can set up here. Firstly, you can arrange out resource materials and articles that could respond to common and/or possible customer complaints- like in website FAQs and answers. You can also set Kartra Helpdesk in such a way that it immediately assigns the customer complaints and inquiries to different available customer care service agents of your organization.

After aggregating all of the solutions that Kartra provides, the platform has been referred to by some users as the perfect tool for online business startups. However, while this is true, note that the design is encompassing and very relevant for much bigger businesses.

Fees and subscriptions on Kartra

Kartra Pricing

Currently, Kartra offers a total of eight subscription types for members of the public. This makes the platform’s services accessible to users- who may also switch between plans. Four of the subscription types have been categorized under the monthly plan section, while the other four are categorized under the annual subscription plan section.

Under the monthly subscription category, the least plan is the “Starter” plan, which costs $99/month. The highest subscription (Platinum) under this category goes for only $499/month.

On the other hand, the annual subscriptions generally offer you up to a 25% discount, irrespective of what annual subscription plan you’re going for. This category’s least plan costs $79/month, while the highest subscription goes for $379/month ($4,548/year).

Since subscriptions come with different features and tools, you may need to decide what subscription is best for your business needs carefully.

Comparisons between Kartra, ClickFunnels, and GroovePages

Now, all of Kartra, ClickFunnels, and GroovePages are great sales funnel service providers in their own right. However, there may be a few distinguishing factors that make one brand more preferred than the other.

While ClickFunnels is the first of the trio to hit the market, it doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the trends- especially in terms of contemporary user needs. For instance, there are a lot of useful features like video hosting tool, analytics, and emailing tool that is lacking in the sales funnel. Consequently, its users may need to add other apps to complement its functions, which would likely lead to increased costs and lagged performances.

GroovePages, on the other hand, seems to have some edge over the ClickFunnels product offerings. This is primarily because it tries to incorporate the most useful features in the sale funnel creation process. However, its major limitations may be the fact that it is still under development (beta mode) and may not yet be the most reliable sales funnel service provider you can find.

While analysts think there may be more sales funnel service providers soon, a good majority of them still recommend Kartra. There are a few reasons why this is valid, considering that Kartra provides a complete package that caters to all the needs of the online business. Even the most overlooked features like the calendar/reminder tool have been added. Kartra has also stayed long enough in the market for it to have gained the trust of many.

Considering the value that users can get from using Kartra- and with a subscription fee starting from $79 per month, this sales funnel offers users much more for less.