Samcart Pricing

Samcart Pricing

Want to know more about Samcart pricing and plans?

SamCart is an easy-to-use platform that allows creators to sell digital products directly through their websites.

SamCart is one the best platforms out there if you’re looking to sell your products and services online.

It makes creating and sharing your products easy and gives you powerful marketing tools to help promote them.

To keep it short: SamCart is the complete solution for anyone looking to sell their digital products or services online.

Of course, price is important, so we’ve put together this detailed guide on SamCart pricing, plans, features, etc.

SamCart has three price plans: The entry-level plan costs $49 per month. The pro version costs $99 per month and includes one-click upsell, and an order bump.

The higher premium plan is $199 a year and includes cart abandonment functionality and affiliate marketing tools so others can promote your store. You save 25% when you pay annually and you have the option to cancel anytime.

Samcart does not offer a free plan. All three pricing plans come with a 14-day free trial with access to all features for your online business. Your money will be refunded if you cancel within 30 days of signing up.

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How will you get started?

What kind of plan is best for your business?

Check out our feature breakdown below to help you figure out what works best for you.

Launch Plan at $49 per month (39$ if billed annually).

Regarding building a converting shopping cart, SamCart’s Launch Plan has all the features you need.

SamCart has been generous here because there are only a few limitations on the checkout pages you’re allowed to build on this basic tier.

There are no additional processing fees, which is a common feature of other shopping cart entry-level price plans (cough…Shopify).

The whole Samcart Shopping Cart Template Library is made available at this level. This means you can utilize the top and highest converting pages Samcart has to offer. Their templates are second to none compared to other shopping cart software.

You can customize your customer’s automated emails in the transaction journey with your personal message. When events like new orders, subscription cancellations, or refunds occur, SamCart automatically sends them emails.

You can create all these things from your custom domain, so you don’t have to use

With the Launch plan, you get access to all the features available in the Standard plan, plus the ability to sell products at any price you choose. You can even offer coupons and discounts to your customers.

There are two caveats when using the checkout pages at the Launch pricing tier: there will be Samcart branding in your checkout URLs, and you cannot create custom checkout fields. This means you will need to upgrade your account to the Growth tier to add additional customer information.

SamCart launched its Courses platform back in 2021, and they give you everything you need to create and sell courses at the entry Launch Plan Tier. That means unlimited courses and unlimited students, a sales page template, drip content functionality, quiz functionality, auto-enroll technology, and unlimited downloads for students!

Most rival platforms like Kajabi will only offer full course features at higher price tiers (e.g., $149 per month). It’s surprising to know that they’re available without any restrictions.

SamCart’s Launch plan offers free and paid trials. If you choose to upgrade to the Growth Plan, you will get access to upsell and different payment methods.

You will receive standard sales reports with the Launch plan. You will not be able to access any custom reports. Only one Admin will be allowed to access reports.

Basic integrations with Zapier are included at this basic level.

If you need help, you can expect a 2-day turnaround for email queries at the Pro Plan level instead of 1 day at the Pro Plan level.

Grow Plan at $99 per month (79$ if billed annually).

Features like one-click sales and the ability to offer payment plans and trial offers are crucial to increasing conversions, and they’re available at this Growth Plan level.

The Samcart branding has been removed at the Grow Plan level, so it’s completely white-labeled, and you can add custom checkout fields to collect extra info from customers.

At the Grow plan level, the customer reporting functionality becomes more sophisticated with features like traffic reports letting you see exactly which blog posts, emails, ads, etc. are bringing in leads. You can also add three additional admin email addresses to manage your account instead of just 1.

With this plan, email support response time is set at 1 day instead of 3 days.

At this level, everything you need to create courses is included in the Launch plan. There are no upgrades.

Scale Plan at $199 per month (or $159 per month if billed yearly).

With a Samcart account, some key features available at the Grow plan level aren’t available with other plans.

The premium plan adds these specialized features, such as subscription saver, which automatically salvages failed payments. A failed payment can be caused by a customer changing their credit card details and forgetting to update the provider or by a network issue.

Subscription reduces the risk of losing customers through automatic email outreach.

A critical sales feature available at this tier includes the Cart Abandonment function, which allows you to contact any lead who started shopping but then left the site without completing the purchase.

You can contact them via text, email, live chat, messenger, or phone. You can also catch and convert these late leavers. This can make a big difference when it comes to your end-of-year sales figures.

You can use A/B testing for any of your landing pages, and this option is only available at the Scale Plan tier.

The plan offers more personalized and in-depth training assistance and also the affiliate center for affiliates.

The affiliate center is the main reason you will need to pay the increased monthly subscription. You can significantly boost sales fast by promoting your business through an affiliate network since affiliates are motivated to promote products, especially if the payout commissions are high.

You can set up self-cancellation at this tier, allowing you to renew or cancel customers’ subscriptions automatically. This feature will allow you to avoid any potential billing issues and keep your customers happy. Learn more about this feature in our Samcart review!

Onboarding training is included in this tier which includes a Samcart Specialist guiding you through all aspects of the Samcart platform.

At this tier, you will also receive same-day email support and be able to custom integrate Samcart with other platforms.

Samcart Pricing Plan

Here are the three Samcart price tiers:

Launch Plan at $49 Per Month

Grow Plan at $99 Per Month

Scale Plan At $199 Per Month